Ialugen Advance hyaluronic acid skincare is a range of anti-aging dermocosmetic products developed by Laboratoires Genevrier. Laboratoires Genevrier is a French pharmaceutical laboratory that has been developing and marketing hyaluronic acid-based treatment solutions for over 30 years.

Hyaluronic acid is present in many of the body's tissues, particularly the skin and cartilage.

50pink.pngof all of the hyaluronic acid in the body is found in the dermis.

Hyaluronic acid, a molecule that is naturally present in the body.

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1 - Epidermis
the external layer, smooth and thin

2 - Hypodermis
the deepest subcutaneous layer

3 - Dermis
thickest layer

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quote At around age 30, the appearance of the skin changes: the skin slackens and loses volume.

Hyaluronic acid, at the heart of the skin aging process

Hyaluronic acid, collagen fibers and elastin fibers make up the Extra Cellular Matrix of the dermis. Together, they give the skin its firmness, elasticity, and volume.

The first signs of aging are caused by the following factors:

  • - Decreased production of natural hyaluronic acid and its quality
  • - Slowed cell renewal
  • - Deterioration of the collagen-elastin network

The properties of hyaluronic acid (HA)


Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

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Combined with elastin and collagen fibers, HA supports the skin and fills gaps in the tissues.

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It stimulates collagen synthesis and helps the skin to regenerate and become redensified.

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It captures free radicals and helps the skin to protect itself from harmful external stresses.

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Did you know?

Why should HA cream be used at least once per day?

Like any other molecule, HA has a limited life span. Its half-life is 24 hours, so daily or even twice-daily use is recommended in order to replenish it.

The aim of hyaluronic acid-based skincare

Use of dermocosmetic skincare products containing HA helps to compensate for the natural loss of this molecule.
The HA present in the skin thus helps to hydrate and protect the skin, and promotes its regeneration.